100% Custom Graphics Kit


100% custom graphics kit by Effetti Racing.

Our graphics department will help you create the graphics of your dreams!

Describe your idea to us and we will make it real.

  • Available for all models and years.
  • Kit includes: Convoy, front fender, rear fender, airbox, front table, side tables, stem guards, swingarm.
  • The preview of the graphics will be produced in about 5 working days.
  • From order confirmation, it takes a maximum of 4/5 working days to get them home.


100% Made in Italy. Designed and printed in Rome, Italy.

USA Top Quality Material

 Super-glossy and protective crystal

 Extra-strong adhesive

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Describe as best you can how you would like the graphics for your bike! colors, logos, and anything else you can think of

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If not selected the kit will be made standard

None Standard Chrome +€149.00 Chrome with White (all chrome colors except White and Black) +€169.00 Holographic +€149.00 Holographic with White (all chrome colors except White and Black) +€169.00


If not selected the kit will be made shiny

None Standard Opaque +€20.00 Holographic Glitter +€49.00 Gold Glitter +€49.00 Silver Glitter +€49.00

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Additional Info

Write to us if you want to make changes to the kit, colors, logos or if you mount different plastics