• Available for all models and years.
  • Kit includes: Convoy, front fender, rear fender, airbox, front table, side tables, stem guards, swingarm.
  • The sticker kit will be made in about 5 working days. Shipping in 24h throughout Italy.


100% Made in Italy. Designed and printed in Rome, Italy.

USA Top Quality Material

Super-glossy crystal

Extra-strong adhesive

 Product tested by Top Riders

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Add Grip® kit

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5 mini-stickers replica of your number holder table

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Plastic Kit + Assembly

il kit verrà composto come la moto in foto – NON DISPONIBILE PER KTM 690 E HUSQVARNA 701

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Write to us here if you want any design changes (e.g., colors, sponsors, aftermarket plastics)

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Are graphics kits also available for other models and years?

Yes, all kits found online are also available for models from previous years. You can precede with the online order by specifying your model and year, after which you will receive a preview for confirmation before printing.

How can I remove the previous stickers and apply the new kit?

The best way to remove an old graphics kit is to heat it with a hair dryer before removal, it will make it easier. For application we recommend starting with clean hands and from a new plastic kit in order to get 1o0% of adhesion. Always degrease the plastic surface whether new or used with water or you can help yourself with an alcohol-based product like brake cleaner (no WD40 and the like), and then proceed to heat the adhesive with a hair dryer to make it more conformable and ready for application.

If I make a mistake during the application what should I do?

Don't worry, this type of very high quality material allows you to make mistakes and remove/reapply the adhesive several times, simply start again with a clean surface to apply the adhesive by heating it.

What material are the graphic kits produced on?

The material we use for our products to date is the best Crystal 0.5 available on the market, is continuously developed in the United States, and is printed/cut by us with state-of-the-art machinery.

Can I purchase only some parts of the kit?

Yes, if you are only interested in some parts of the kit, please contact us by email at we will fulfill your request.

I am part of a Team and we would like to do a cumulative order, is it possible to get a discount?

Yes, various discounts are available for quantity orders, please contact us by email at with a presentation of the Team and a request for the kit in question, and we will get back to you with a quote specific to your needs.