• Available for all model years.
  • This kit includes: shrouds, rear and front fenders, air-box, number plates, fork-guards and swing-arm stickers.
  • The graphics kit will be made in about 5 working days. Fast shipping Worldwide.

100% Made in Italy. Designed and printed in Rome, Italy.

USA Top Quality Material

Super-glossy crystal

Extra-strong adhesive

Product tested by Top Riders

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Name on plate

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Add kit Grip®

Add Mini-Plates

5 stickers of your mini Number Plate replica

Premium Finish

Standard finish is Glossy.

Full Chrome Print

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Describe here if you want some small change to the design (e.g. colors, sponsors, aftermarket plastics)

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<p>Are the graphics kits available for other models and years?</p>

Yes, all the kits are available for previous years model bikes also.
You can just preceed with online order by specifying your model and year, you will soon receive a preview for confirmation before printing.

<p>What's your advise for removing the old kit and apply the new one?</p>

The best way to remove an old graphic kit is to heat it with a hair dryer before removing it, it will make it easier.

For the application we recommend starting with clean hands and a new plastics in order to obtain 100% of the adhesion. Always degrease the plastic surface with water or alcohol based product (no WD40 and similar), then proceed to heat the adhesive with a hair dryer to make it more conformable.

<p>What should I do if I make a mistake during the application?</p>

Do not worry, this type of material of the highest quality allows you to make mistakes and remove / reapply the adhesive several times, simply start over with the clean surface to apply the adhesive by heating it to give more conformability during the application.

<p>What adhesive material is used for the graphics kits?</p>

The material we use for our products is the best Crystal 0.5 available on the market today, is continuously developed in the United States and is printed / cutted by us with ultimate production machinery.

<p>Can I buy only a few parts of the kit?</p>

Yes, if you are interested in some parts of the kit only, contact us by e-mail at we will satisfy your request.

<p>I'm a member of a team and we want to make a cumulative order, there is a discount for that?</p>

Yes, for orders in quantities there are various discounts, contact us by email at with an introduction of the team and the request, we will respond with a specific quote for your needs.